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ROBOCAM S is one of our newest pipe survey crawlers: with its new and innovative design incorporating safety, ease of use, low cost maintenance ( DIY ON-SITE Repair via its Block Parts Design). ROBOCAM S comes with a new Sensor-Based Technology for camera centering (Remote) and its one of the first to be equipped with a Full HD 1920×1080 pixels in the industry.
Also giving you a greater control With its gyro-sensor technique in measuring the inclination of the pipe.
ROBOCAM S has a Mini tractor for smaller diameter pipes, and its ergonomically designed, for smaller pipe diameters.

Lighting and Sensors systems:
The lighting is centered around the camera head, with 6 lighting units of a semi-permanent Super White LED lighting giving greater and all around pipe vision regardless of the pipe diameter.
In addition, when Crown Lamp Kit and Tractor Bumper Lamp Kit is installed, it can view up to 50-inch(1250mm) diameter pipe.
This system is equipped with an infrared sensor that can measure the diameter of the pipe by default, and the users can add-on Laser Measurement function.

D.I.Y. Maintenance Block Design Parts:
Designed & manufactured with the end user in mind, the RoboEye S can be easily maintained and repaired on-site if needed, all the core parts such as Lighting / Camera Head / Camera Rotation Unit / PCB Board module etc… can be removed and replace with ease.

Easy and Intuitive Transformation
First of all, our tractor is largely divided into three units: the robot body, vertical elevation lift units and wheel frame units.
Each of these three units with its independent modularization and can be connected to each other by connecting cables, which can create various shapes and sizes of robots in infinite combinations, when combined and used with Cube-Cell Block (CCB) and Spherical Extension Kit (SEK). When photographing a large box-shaped pipeline, an egg-shaped pipeline, or even in a large gradient,
in all of these cases, our expansion and transformation solutions of Robocam S provides an outstanding effect.

One-Touch Wheel Replacement Process
The four kinds of wheels that can cope with the various diameter sizes of pipelines can be easily replaced by one touch method.
Tractor Robocam S is a single standard model that can investigate at a minimum of 8-in(200mm) diameter tube
and up to 50-inch(1250mm) diameter tube when used with an extended block (CCB or SEK).
Also, if a separate mini tractor is used, small pipes of 9-inch (225mm) to 10-inch(300mm) diameter tube can be investigated as well.
This suggests that these two units can carry out investigation service for most of the pipelines in which the users would want to investigate on, and that there is a clear difference between Robocam S and other brand products since users would have to purchase at least three units individually and pay a high cost.